Friday, June 30, 2006

Fireworks on the 30th of June!

Just isn't the same, eh? Our city always does their fireworks show not on the 4th. I would understand more if were the Saturday before, but today is Friday. Where's the logic? Anyway, I let the older 2 stay up late since we can see the show from our carport. The excitement started at dinner...

Them: We're going to see the fireworks after dinner.

Me: Um, no it'll be later you get to stay up late.

Them, every 15 from then on: I thought we were going to see the fireworks show!?

Me: Yes, but it has to get dark outside the sky has to actually be black so you can see the lights.

Them: Ohhh, black like this (the dishwasher), and this (every other black thing they came in contact with thereafter)....

Then, during the fireworks, I guess the sound caught Robby off guard. He gets a really worried look on his face and says "Ohmygoodness....I think it's going to rain". He thought the sound of the fireworks was thunder. Gotta love him.

We're actually going to fireworks show in a different city on the 4th (imagine that), so I'm sure we'll get some interesting conversation then.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Sprinkler fun!! :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


A couple weeks ago, I had a girl come watch the kids for a couple hours so I could go to an all day crop. When I came home to take her home, she really wouldn't say much at all. So, once I dropped her off, I asked the kids what she did with them. That's when Alexis informs me that the baby sitter FELL ASLEEP on the job. So, I tried to give the benefit of the doubt and asked what the kids were doing (I figured it wouldn't have been SUCH a bad thing if they were all down for naps or something like that). But no, they were watching TV and playing puzzles. So, that irritated me. Definately won't use her again.
Today, Alexis asks me if she could go outside on the carport and blow bubbles. She says "Can I take Robby and Haley outside and blow bubbles, I'll watch them". I told her, "No, you're too young to be incharge of the other kids outside by yourself.." And then she tells me "When the babysitter was here, she let me take them outside by myself to blow bubbles." WHAT?! So once again, trying to figure out the situation, asked her what the babysitter was doing. "Well, she was sleeping so I asked her if I could take Robby and Haley outside to blow bubbles, and she let me". That's great, let a FOUR YEAR OLD be in charge of 2 kids outside by herself while you go take a nap. It really makes me upset. The babysitter is like's not like she's a newbie babysitter and maybe wouldn't know any better.
tsk tsk tsk.
thanks for reading my vent. :D

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Got Kids?

There have been times when each one of my kids have been out of sorts or whatever it is, at bedtime. It seems to only be one kid at a time. So, we've always just brought them wherever we are...usually in bed watching TV. I have to admit, I do love when it happens, although I'm glad it's not an everyday occurance. Having 4 kids so close in age often makes me wonder if I spend enough one on one time with each of them. Someone is always needing me to do something and does someone get overlooked? Will they all require counseling when they are older from not getting enough attention and love out of me? I sure hope not, and I continually try to make more time for one on one. So, when one of the kids comes and snuggles with us for that extra half hour or hour, I really love it. It seems to me that they just NEEDED it, and once it's time for them to go back to bed, there isn't any fight, and they fall asleep with ease.

Speaking of kids, I can't believe my little man is almost 6 months old. Time has really flown by. He is starting to sit unassisted, he rolls everywhere and has gotten up on his hands and knees a couple times. Obviously he didn't get the memo that he has to stay a baby forever. WAH! I made a siggy featuring my lil fat man. :0)

And finally, if you're looking for an uplifting post, I urge you to read Lammy's "What my children teach me about God" post. She has such a way with words. Really an uplifting post. :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

lobster babies

Took the kiddos to the beach today and had a BLAST! It was gorgeous out, although hot. Despite applying sunblock numerous times, they still managed to get burned. Poor babies!
Other than the burns tho, we had a great day. The kids had fun making a sand castle and playing in the water. You'd think they were part fish the way they jumped right in. Even Haley didn't even flinch when a wave knocked her underwater. :)
Thank goodness you don't get charged for the amount of sand you bring home from the beach! What a mess! But so worth it!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I HATE packing. I hate the nagging feeling like you're forgetting something. I hate having to figure out what me and 4 other people will wear for the next 5 days. And maybe if clothing was all I had to worry about, it wouldn't be so bad. But, you have to throw in diaper, wipes, formula, bottles, liners, and that's just the beginning. I thought traveling would be easier with a minivan (when we only had 3 kids, we stuffed ourselves into our honda accord) but even in the minivan, it seems we always end up like sardines stuffed in a can. I do have to give myself some serious kudos tho...I can always manage to find space to squeeze some of those things that aren't really necessary, but make life a little the baby swing or the exersaucer. :D
My hatred for packing also stems from the UNpacking. Because from such, comes the dreaded L word. Laundry. Double Ugg. Sometimes it takes me a full week to feel back in the swing of things after traveling somewhere. But, it is usually worth it in the end. I just have to grumble while I'm doing it.
Tomorrow we are going to visit my inlaws. The kids are really excited to see Grandma and P-Paw again, along with their aunts and uncle and their cousin.
If you can't tell, I've spent the evening......packing.

BTW....if anyone knows why some of my "blog buddies" aren't the same, could you help a girl out? I'm too tired to fix it now, and since we're headed out of town tomorrow, I won't get around to fixing it until we return. :P

Thursday, June 15, 2006

ohh the knowledge...

Ohhhh have I mentioned lately that I love my kids!? Because I REALLY do. I looooove them to the moon and back. I have learned such valuable lessons from these wonderful beings that I feel compelled to share my knowledge with you.

1. The human head can be stronger than walls, hardwood floors, concrete, empty swimming pools, or even other people's heads and other misc. body parts. From my experience, the male children seem to have the most non destructable head, THANK HEAVENS....although my other male test subject is still too little to test on. :P

2. Most plastic toys float in the toilet. Money does not. (well unless you're talking about paper money....)

3. Baby swings will hold more than their weight limit. They might have trouble swinging quite right, but....

4. Cereal when spilled and dried, becomes almost like cement.

5. Crayon does come off most surfaces....although I've never had good results once they've gone through the washer and dryer. Especially the red...ooof.

6. Kids will do anything for a buck.

7. Noodles can get put up a 2 year old's nose and will start to stink if you don't realize it. (bleeechhh).

8. Kids are willing to try ANYTHING that you are eating...

Hmm I think that's all I've got for now. Think of all the knowledge I'd never have had I not had kids. :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

ho hum

Just having a blah day. Not good or bad, just blah. It's been raining most of the day and I think that's why. I know we need the rain badly, but could it rain at night?
Anyway, took the kids to see Cat in the Hat today. It was ok...not really as good as I hoped it would have been. The kids had a good time, and that's all that really counts anyway. :D Thursday we're going to see Madagascar. We own the movie, but the kids really like it, and I'm sure they'll love it on the big screen. (Plus you can't be free).
Think I'm going to veg out and eat some chocolate. mmmm. if only there was a chocolate diet. Now there's one I could follow.

Monday, June 12, 2006

All the comforts of scrapping....err I mean home?

I had SUCH a great day on Saturday. Truely exactly what I needed. The kids even were good for Rob and I didn't get any complaints! (well, one small rant about the babysitter during the day falling sleep....but this is a HAPPY post...)

Anyway, I came home at the end of the day in such a happy, relaxed mood. I peaked in on my sleeping babes before crawling into my own bed, and kissed each of them. I love the sense of renewal that I get from one simple day away. It makes me excited once again to be a mom.

Yesterday, we can stake conference. I will admit that in the past, I've been bad about SC because most times, Rob was working and I didn't want to drag the kids by myself....etc. But this time I decided to be good and, well they have to learn at some point to sit through a longer meeting. As it turns out, Rob was able to go, so that was nice. It was a great meeting, and if nothing else, it was nice to see our steak all together. I'm not really sure why...
The congregational hymn was "The Spirit of God". It is my all time favorite hymn. I love hearing it in large groups because the power in it's message. It gives me chills every time I hear it.
After, we went to my brother's house for a family dinner/hang out. It was really nice having everyone together.

So now it's Monday and a lazy day it's been! Lol came over and we've just been vegging out and playing with the kids. It's been nice to be lazy. We're thinking of taking the kids to be pool after naps. I love summertime. :)

Friday, June 9, 2006

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to ;)

Ever have one of those days where you just want to crawl back under the covers?? Today is my day.
This morning I thought I'd do something for myself, and actually work out (exercise dvd). David was playing in his exersaucer, and the other kids were content to try and work out with mommy. I thought this would be good. Little did I know.
Not far into my workout, David starts crying. So I paused the movie and give him a bottle. Then I start again.
Not much times passes again, when he starts crying again. So once again, I pause the dvd and try to get him to sleep. He decides he just wants to cry. Meanwhile, Haley--who is in the beginning stages of potty training--managed to get her panties off and poop all over her foot and on the floor. *wimper*. Soooo, I put David in his crib because he just won't calm, and I clean up the poop.
I gave up on the workout and took a shower. Calgon??
I keep telling myself tomorrow will be a better day. (which it will since I'm going to an ALL day crop!)

Thursday, June 1, 2006


Little thief stole David's paci. :D