Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A new home!!

Rob and I went today and it's official! We are homeowners!!!! I'm so excited. I"ll be much more excited when we're all moved in!

Friday, April 20, 2007

A day at the patch!

My good friend A is in town and we were able to get together today and take the kids (all 7 of them) to the strawberry patch. It was so much fun! Boy did we get some looks tho--the two of us with all these kids. :D

what's a trip to the patch without a picture of the berries themselves!

Her girls loved feeding David strawberries (and he loved the attention)

Alexis figured out the big, dark red berries are the sweetest, and she was awesome at finding them!

Robby loooooooves strawberries. :)

Haley liked eating them too, but quickly grew tired of carrying her bucket.

And David mainly enjoyed eating them. As long as he had a berry, he was good to go!

After we were done picking, we had a picnic lunch, and then let the kids play at the playground.

And what's a few photos without some black n whites thrown in there :)

The kids had a blast and are already asking when we can go back to pick strawberries!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A letter of thanks.

Dear TUMS inventor,
I'm sure I speak for masses of women, both pregnant and not, when I say THANK YOU for inventing these:

Not only can I get relief from indigestion, now I can do it without feeling like I'm chewing chalk--something never good when you're already nauseous to start with!

And although I'm not willing to try certain flavors (the cocoa and cream just doesn't sound appealing) I'll stick with the berry flavors and I'm good to go.

So thanks. My insides say thank you too.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

out of the mouths of babes

A couple days ago, the Robby and I were discussing what we should have for lunch.
(me) "What about tuna?".

(robby) "No, I'm allergic to tuna".

(me) "You're allergic to tuna?? Since when?"

(robby) "since forever."

(me) "Do you know what allergic means?"

(robby) "It means you don't like it"

(me) "No, if you're allergic to something you get itchy eyes and throat, or a rash, etc"

(robby) "oh, like allergies right?"

Today the kids were picking out a movie to watch. Alexis was looking through the stack (the stack of "we're-too-lazy-to-put-them-back-in-their-cases" movies. She can sound out most words now so she was reading the title of one...

(alexis)"p-rrin-cess....... PRINCESS......di-a-rr-eee-as......DIARRHEAS. Mom! It's Princess Diarrheas!"

(me) "it's not diarrhea, it's diary............don't you know what diarrhea is??"

(alexis) "Ohh yeah...ewwwww." *blush and giggle*

I love those weirdos!