Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer in review

(also known as the post where I play catch up!)
It's already September and summer is nearly officially over! We have had a fun filled summer, but I am looking forward to cooler days again. :)

We have done a lot this summer. And more than likely I won't get everything in the right order, but hey it's better than nothing! :)

(Happy 4th of July)

We did a lot of swimming this summer, as usual!Lexi and Robby could already swim, but this year, Haley hung up her floaties as well and joined the big kid swimmers! The are all little fish in the water, and have so much fun. You would think going almost everyday would get old, but they loved it! Here are some pictures at the pool!

Lexi and Robby learned to do cartwheels into the pool and thought that was great fun. It scared me every single time.

Haley learned how to do a handstand underwater. It is no easy feat for her. She is so light that she floats up to the top, so staying underwater long enough to get her legs up is a huge feat! But she can do it! :)

David is pretty independent in the water with his arm floaties. We did have one scare where he almost drowned, but it didn't phase him at all, and we were swimming the next day! He was maybe a little more careful to not forget his floaties tho...

Linds loves the water too, and starting to get the hang of using arm floaties all by herself. By next summer, I have no doubt she'll do well with them!


We were able to go on a couple of day trips this summer as well. There is the big Museum of Aviation here locally, although we've been many times, there were new things added, and so we decided to go again. The kids always have fun here.

The other day trip we took was to Indian Springs State Park for some fishing and a picnic. The weather was gorgeous and the view really nice. There was a little playground for the kids to play on too (though I'll be honest, it could use an updating...) We didn't catch any fish that day (seems to be a running theme for us) but they have fun trying!

And then, not long before school started, my friend Erin and I took our kids to the Childrens Museum in Macon. Neither of us had been before, but we're always on the lookout for things to do that don't involve being in the horrible humidity! :) I didn't get many pictures of the day, but it was very fun. It is geared more towards the younger kids, and after a while, my older ones said they were bored. (Although, no one was happy when it was time to leave, so I'm not sure they were all THAT bored!)We've been again since then with just the littles and they loved it!

Rob's mom was scheduled for knee replacement surgery this summer, and so we went to visit before she had surgery. We also went to Jekyll Island and stayed at the beach for a night. It was a tad rainy, but we managed to get a good amount of time on the beach in the sun! The second day, we went to a Sea Turtle rehab hospital. The kids loved seeing all the turtles and learning about them.

And also while we were vising Rob's parents, we got to go to Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. So we dressed all the grandkids up as cows before going to chick-fil-a. Ppa sure was proud of his 7 little cows! :)

And then school started!! Before we knew it, we were buying school supplies and getting back into the routine. Lexi is in 3rd grade, Robby in 1st, and Haley is in Kindergarten. They all got really great teachers, and we're all thrilled about that! David was a little disappointed that he's not old enough to start, but we've been having a little school time together and that helps. He is very excited to go to preK next year.

So anyway, this is a glimpse of what we've done this summer. I am determined to do better about taking pictures of the things we're up to. :)