Monday, June 29, 2009

A much needed update

I know, I should probably win some kind of prize when it comes to neglecting my blog. It's not that I don't have any ideas of things to write about, it just seems like anytime I come to sit and actually write, I get sidetracked.

At any rate, if I have ANY readers left, you'll be happy to know that this post includes pictures!! :)

Alexis is 7, almost 8! She is going to be in 3rd grade this year and is so excited. She also was accepted into the focus program and is really excited about that! Her favorite thing about summer is going swimming. (needless to say, we've been doing a LOT of that!)

Robby is 6 (almost 7!) He is going into first grade this year. He loves to read books, play on the computer, and play wii. He also loves swimming, and is a fast little fish! He always wants to race me, and just about catches me most times!

Haley turned 5 in May! I cannot believe it either! She is excited to go to Kindergarten, although says she's going to miss me. She is excited about learning to read (we've also spent a lot of time at the library this summer)! She loves going to the pool as well, and figured out she can swim without floaties!! I bet before the summer is over, she'll be able to swim the whole length of the pool! (She can already go about halfway!)

David is 3! He is busy as ever, keeping me always on my toes. He is a total momma's boy, and would love nothing more than to sit in my lap and snuggle me all day. He wishes he could go to school (he wished last year as well) like his older siblings, but has another year home with me. I've just got to think of things to keep him busy! :)

And my "baby" Linds is now just about 20 months. She is flying fast towards 2 and I'm not ready! She is clearly NOT a baby anymore though. (wah!) She is talking up a storm, and says the cutest things. She's also partial to her momma, which I'm eating up. It's amazing how fast they grow. I love seeing her play with the older kids, yet still needing me. :)

So there's a little update from our house. I promise it will not be as long before I post again. I have plans to maybe even add another tonight (*gasp*) :) I know, scary huh!?