Saturday, November 25, 2006

YAY! A tooth!

When Lexi was about 8 months old, she was pulling up to a stand against things. We were visitng my inlaws. MIL had a wooden box (for lack of a better description) that served kind of as a coffee table. Lexi pulled up to standing next to the box and bent down to chew on it (like babies do). She lost her balace and fell, and ripped her tooth out. I think it was more traumatic for me, and even more tramatic for MIL. As soon as we gave her a wet washcloth to chew on, Lexi wasn't even crying. We debated taking her to a dentist, but figured since it was a baby tooth, there was really nothing that could be done, and so we didn't. So ever since then she's had a gap where the tooth should be. I kept telling myself to make her a dentist appt to make find out if things were ok, but it just kept getting put off. A couple months ago she lost her very first tooth (right next to her gap). It was another reminder to have the missing one checked out, but yet again I forgot about it.
But....low and behold, there is a tooth coming in in the empty spot!!!!!!! I'm so happy! One less thing to worry about!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ideas for the holidays??!

With Thanksiving this week (YAY!!) and Christmas just around the corner, I'm trying to come up with some fun things for the kids to do when cousins are here visiting. We'll have 3 or 4 days together over this week and while the kids do just love playing together, it does become chaotic at times.
So, if you have a fan-shan-tastic idea that we can do with the kids, leave me a comment!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Where are you from?!

Living in a military town (and in what used to be off base military housing), I get asked a lot where I am from. In the past I've always made some response about how I'm a military brat and grew up mainly overseas in Germany and England. So much harder to explain that just "Georgia" or "California". It started me thinking tho...
I've lived in Georgia for almost 9 years, and 7 of those years I've been in the same town. At what point will my response become "I'm from Georgia."? It still doesn't seem natural for me to say I'm from Georgia. My husband is a born and bred Georgian. With the exception of 2 years when he served a church mission in the Dominican Republic, he has lived in Georgia his whole life.

So WDYT (what do you think)? Will I always have to explain my roots or one day will I feel like I'm "from" Georgia? LOL Guess time will tell. :D

Since Thanksgiving is almost here, I made a new signature. David looks so big. :(

Monday, November 6, 2006

It's still not *too* late.

Lammy tagged me, and hey it's still Monday!! :D

1) Five Minutes to Yourself. How would you spend them, ideally?
5 minutes?
hmmmm I see it involving chocolate (the non-caloric kind :P)
2) Five dollars to spend right now. How would you spend it?
Since we're out, probably some diet cherry coke. mmmm and some of of the same chocolate mentioned above.
3) Five Items In Your House You Could Part With Right Now?
The mountain of laundry
A certain 2 year old (ha ha only kidding)
Crayons or any other writing instrument in the house for that matter (rolly eyes)
Trash, and while we're dreaming, could it take itself out???!
Did I mention laundry?

4) Five Items In My House You Could Absolutely Never Part With?
my family :D
hmm maybe my cellphone to talk to my family.

5) Five Words You Love?
honestly, cashews, eternity, prosperity, schhhweeeet!

And the second meme:

1. Favorite memory of your mother:
We brought homemade lunches to school And while we probably protested about not being able to be like the cool kids and buy school luches, we were really the lucky ones. My mom would write little notes to us and would always sign her little "face" that she draws. I swear it should be copyrighted for her. I love it. She still draws that same face when she writes us notes now. She also would suprise us with COLORED bread on certain occations. For St. Patty's day we had green, Valentines would be pink, Halloween might be orange. Our friends thought that was pretty cool.

2. Favorite memory of my dad:
All the songs that we sang on any car trip--no matter the length. Also making Gorilla Cheese Sammiches (and my kids so affectionaly call it the same)

3. Favorite memory of your sibling(s):
I have a few small memories from the trip to the lake with all of us before Emily died. I was only 5 then, so they aren't very detailed. Another memory that comes to mind is Disney Land. We each got paired up with another sibling (the olders with the smallers). I got paired up with Leslie and Aaron. Leslie was pg so Aaron would ride the coasters with me again and again and again. Poor Les! :D

4. What one skill would you like to wake up tomorrow and be able to do (though you'd never learned it):
Cook like my momma hahahaha.

5. Which one of your dreams has come true:
Getting married and having a family.

One of the reasons I keep so busy...heh.

I know it's been a little while since I've been able to update my blog. Things just seem to happen all at once. First let me share one reason I keep busy....his name is David. :)

Last Wednesday, a friend of ours lost his dad very unexpectedly. It was very sad having to watch him going through this. I haven't been to a funeral since my sister died, about 20 years ago. I was only 5. There were a lot of different thoughts going through my mind during the services. Watching a mother pat her son's hand and wipe a tear, not even being able to fathom how sad it must be to bury your child. Reflecting on my own mother and father who went through the same loss so many years ago. And being so greatful for the Gospel in my life. Watching a family mourn who don't have the church really hit home for me. I am so fortunate.

Friday Saturday and Sunday I got to spend with family. I love my family. Yes, it's a little chaotic with so many little kids running around, but fun to make memories. I'm glad my mom let us invade her poor house. :) (thanks mom!)

And after such a fun weekend, we woke up this morning to little red bumps. I think Lexi has chicken pox. FUN! From what I've read since she has been vaccinated, she should only have a mild case. Guess time will tell! :)
**Just an update, it's not chicken pox! Either a strange rash that only appears on one side of the body (all her bumps are on her right side) or some weird staph infection rash. She's got antibiotics for the next couple days was but was ok'd for school.

So there's our saga for the week! Hopefully it won't be too long before I check in again. :) Guess that's life with 4 little kids. Never a dull moment around here, that's for sure!