Monday, October 6, 2008

October already!

Holy cow, wasn't it just like March? I think the days get shorter and shorter.
We've been so busy with school and football on top of the normal day to day grind that time has just slipped away. And here we are in October.
Last month, my twin sister and I were able to take Mom out for her birthday. We went to see Les Miserables in Atlanta. It was such a fun day. I'm so glad to be close to my mom. I love spending time with her.
We also celebrated Robby's 6th birthday. I still owe him a birthday post, which I will get up very soon! (also more new pictures of all the kids to come!) He is playing football now and loves it. It's so fun to watch. I think it's really been good for him too. But maaan do they get sweaty and stinky! And I'm sure it's nothing compared to when he's older!

We're trying to figure out Halloween costumes for a trunk-r-treat at our church later this month. I'm trying to convince them to do a theme, and everyone but Haley is on board. We first thought of Peter Pan, with Lexi as tinkerbell (even tho I wanted Linds to be Tink), Haley could be Wendy, Robby as Peter Pan, and David as Hook. But those are some pretty demanding costumes. So now I'm trying to convince them that the wizard of Oz could be fun too. We already have a Dorothy that could be easy. Lexi said she could be Glenda the good witch and then the boys could pick out of the tin man, the scarecrow and the lion...
Alas, Haley wants to be a ballerina. Not sure how I can theme around THAT! I thought I'd show her some cute dorothy costumes in hopes it will get her on board. :D

It seriously doesn't seem like a whole year has gone by since having Linds. I can remember at the beginning of October last year, saying "THIS is the month I'm having the baby!!" (I believe I actually blogged it too, probably on the first of Oct), and wouldn't you know it, she came the last day. I remember the anticipation and excitement, and then the impatience and crankiness when I found out my Dr would be out of down during the week I was due. Then to have to go OVERDUE was just not something I was happy about. But she was very much worth it, my little pumpkin girl!

I'm getting ready to make a move to a new bloggy, but I will link you all once it's up and ready! :) So watch this space!