Tuesday, September 25, 2007

social butterfly

Way back when I was in elementary school (ok and even into middle and high school) I always used to receive report cards that said something to the effect of "Erin is a great student, but likes to talk to her friends..."
So it should be no surprise that Alexis is struggling with being a little too talkative in her class too.
The way it works in her class is you start out with your name on a green smiley face. If you have to be talked to for any reason, your name is moved to a blue smiley. If the teacher has to talk to you again, it goes to a yellow straight face, and then a red frowny. (and after red I'm assuming is either a phone call home or maybe going to the office.)
Every week so far, she has had at least one day where she had to move to blue. And the only reason thus far that she's had to move her name has been for talking. We talked to her about it but that was pretty much it (I mean you DO have to sit out 5 whole minutes of recess...isn't that punishment enough?! LOL). Last week she had a "blue smiley" THREE times. I really wasn't sure how strict I needed to be about this, but obviously it's happening more and more, my little talk isn't enough.

Well...today she came home with a RED FROWNY for her daily report for none other than.....talking. And I'll give kudos. She told me the minute she got in the van that she was sorry she had to move her name to red. So when we got home, Rob and I were talking over what we should do about it. Sometimes being a parent is hard! Obviously on one hand, yes she needs to have consequences but she is only 6 and I don't think it needs drastic measures. Taking away toys doesn't really matter to her...she would just as easily play with something else, or do something else.

In the end we decided she had to sit and write "I will not talk in class" on a sheet of paper (front and back). I think she thought it would be a breeze. She did really well until she was about 3/4 done. Then the tears came. And my heart broke as I told her "I know it's hard, but you need to finish".

So Mom, I'm sorry I put you through similar torture when I was little and wouldn't stop talking. Please tell me it doesn't last forever. How did you punish me? (must have been good since I don't remember LOL!)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You know it's not good when...

...you over hear someone telling their child to make sure they wash their hands REALLY good, while they're still in the stall in a public restroom.

It's also never good when they repeat it a couple more times before leaving the stall...

But you know it's REALLY bad when as they are exiting the stall, the mom says to you that you might not want to use that stall because you're pregnant and she thinks her kid has a virus.

And then proceeds to tell her child a couple more times to wash his hands REALLY good.

Kinda makes you want to bathe in lysol and hand sanitizer.
Of course I forgot to mention all this took place at where else but Walmart. Should I be surprised!?

Friday, September 21, 2007


That's right, you're lookin a genuine 5 year old! :)
Robby's birthday was this week. He thinks being 5 is the best!

As is tradition, Rob tried to smash Robby's face in the cake, but the oreos made it so he came up with a clean face still LOL!

Happy Birthday little buddy.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I've been busy trying to reorganize my blogs....yes that's right blog-s...plural. I now have one blog devoted to my photography obsession. So I've moved some posts around and got rid of some here and now just need to face lift both of them. :)

I hope in doing all this, it'll get me more motivated to blog (at both places). At least that's my goal.