Monday, February 26, 2007

FIVE it is!

It seems when we said, years ago and newly married, that we wanted FIVE kids, SOMEONE must have been listening. :)

We are about 7 weeks pregnant and due in October. Robby and Haley think it will be a boy, and Lexi is hoping for a girl (surprise there!).

This morning I told Robby that "mommy has a baby in her tummy" and he was excited. A little later, he came back wanting to know HOW that baby got into mommy's tummy. I used my ever so vague "Heavenly Father put it there" answer. Thank goodness it was good enough for him. He's FOUR for crying out loud!

At least he isn't asking HOW that baby will come out!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

does the fighting ever stop!?!

Yesterday the kids had a birthday party they were invited to. Getting there was a small struggle, and we ended up being late. I was feeling stressed but at least we were there and the kids were having fun.

When we're at home, I feel like the main thing they do together is FIGHT. Somedays I get really discouraged feeling like somehow I've failed because surely no kids fight as much as mine do. Everyone tries to tell me it's normal and they will outgrow it. I like to believe them.

Yesterday my kids were SO great. Except for one little brawl that Robby had with another boy (and in his defense, the other boy was older and was picking on him--although Robby can definately hold his own) the kids did great. Haley gave her balloon to another boy who was crying because he didn't have one.

It doesn't end there though...When we went inside none of them were pushing or shoving to get to the table first. They all sat patiently waiting for their cake. Some of the other kids were demanding a spoon instead of a fork, or a drink, or ice cream. I tell you I was beaming with pride that my kids were being so well behaved and really began thinking that things I say at home really don't go through one ear and out the other.

I have some awesome kids.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

e + r = true love forever

I love Valentine's. This year, Rob got me a little potted rose plant. He had it delivered, and took me by complete suprise. Having no green thumb, I don't know the technical name for them, but they are little tiny roses, like baby ones. The buds are about the size of my fingertips and they are SO cute! And since no gift is complete without chocolate, he also got me a box of chocolates. mmmmm.

Every year we usually try to have some kind of nice dinner, even if we ending up having to cook two different meals (one for us and one for the kids). But surprisingly, a couple of the kids like the shrimp and crab legs that we've made.

Rob and I get to run away for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to the time alone with him. (ok, and I'll admit it, a break from the kids. Goodness knows I love them, but a break is definitely in order!)

Watching Lexi today sort through her Valentine's cards she reveived at school brought back fun memories of when I was in elementary school. Robby even got in on the action and got Valentines for his buddies. It's been fun doing Valentine's Day with them. :)

I really had a great idea in my mind for a card that I originally wanted to mail out to loved ones. But I'm sure you all realize by now that you don't have a card from me. I finally got some time to put it togethe this afternoon. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but I thought i was cute nonetheless. I'm sure it'll get cut off because it's too wide, so if you want to see the whole thing, click on it. :)
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Soccer season has begun!

Today was Lexi's very first soccer practice. She was excited beyond words that it was finally here. Of course as soon as we got there, she became instantly shy and hid clutching my pantleg. But I shoo'd her away to go play with the rest of the kids and she got over being shy really quickly.

They practiced a couple of drills along with this one--passing the ball around their bodies. Lexi's concentration was hilarious. :D

Then they decided to let the team break up and play against each other a little bit. Not to toot my own child's horn or anything, but Lexi did pretty well. She was fast, and although a little confused at which way to go, seemed to hold her own pretty dang well (and that's awesome considering a couple of the kids on her team played last year).

She was doing SO great. By this point, Rob had come from work to catch the rest of her practice. He no sooner got there, when she momentarily forgot that you don't pick up the ball...right in the middle of the game.

She got kicked right in the face.


I think more than anything, her ego was bruised. But after a few moments, she was good to go and got right back out there (Me, I was holding my breath inside secretly thinking "Oh great, she's never going to want to play again".)

And here's my favorite photo of the day...she had Michael Jordan tongue action going on. :D

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

OH NO! What have I done?!??!?!

I've been so frustrated with Lexi's hair lately because it's SO FREAKING LONG and it's always tangly despite my best efforts of keeping in pony tails or braids or whatever. Rob has always said that he NEVER wanted me to cut Lexi's hair. Granted she has really beautiful hair (clearly not from me) there's just SO much of the stuff. Maybe she could give me a hair transplant...hmmm...
Anyway, I was complaining the other day (again) to Rob about how much work it is to keep up with her hair and he finally said "well the cut it!" So tonight I took the plunge. The first cut almost brought me to tears. I cut it shorter than I had planned. It is really cute on her and she LOVES it, and besides all that--it's ONLY hair, and it'll it's all good in the end. She just looks so much older now. *sigh*
This picture isn't the best, but here's one I shot tonight after I had washed it.

So now here's my dilema....
Her hair is FRIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY and I knew it even when it was long. I have zero experience with frizzy/curly hair. What kind of products should I use? Curling mousse? HELP! When it's wet it's pretty curly. I guess I'll have to google curly hair and see what I can find out. :D

ETA I *think* the hair we cut is long enough to donate to Locks for Love!!

You're lookin' at a real-life SOCCER MOM

I finally got Lexi registered for soccer yesterday. I was so giddy that I called my mom to tell her and she said "Congrats, you're now a soccer mom"! It is exciting to start these kinds of activies, but I do realize that this means more time in the car, and a busier schedule. She's excited too, and it makes me a teenie sad that she's even old enough to participate in sports. :)

I think Robby is old enough for blast ball later this spring. Then life will be really hectic!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

some new pictures

I bought a feather boa from hobby lobby (although you really don't see much of the boa in the pictures LOL! Haley was less than thrilled and I had to bribe her with m&ms. Still I'm happy how they turned out. :)

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(the first one got cut off a little, but you can click on it to see the whole thing.)