Sunday, March 30, 2008


My baby girl is going to preK this fall. WAHHHH Where has the time gone?? She is so beyond excited. She has been asking when her turn to go is since school started this year. Yesterday we received a letter in the mail telling us that she was selected to go to preK at the elementary school! I'm so excited! Signups for prek at the elementary school are done by a lottery drawing since there are only so many spots available. Robby has preK at a daycare center because we couldn't get him in at the elementary school that lexi goes to. So next year I'll have 3 at the same school. I can't tell you how much I love that. Having 2 different schedules this year has been a pain.

Seriously though, I cannot believe that she's old enough to go. She is more than ready, but I am having a hard time with it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

say, not like

At every holiday, I think, "THIS will be the time I can get an awesome picture of the 5 kids together". And who am I kidding, right?!?! Still I though Easter's attempt was pretty fun, and actually yielded a pretty good end product. I can't expect it to be perfect, I mean...there are FIVE of them. :)

So we started out with this:
Everyone sort of actually looking ok, although while I'm being picky, David looks a little consitpated......But what a great start....I know this is going to be great!

Apparently something was funny. Even David was slightly amused....

But what on earth is THAT stinking funny? I mean, c'mon people....this does NOT make for my perfect picture. (Notice David's drugged expression LOL)

Oh for Pete's sake, c'mon can't be THAT funny. David doesn't think so either.

In fact he's a little upset by it all. (And can we all say CHEEEEEEESE together, Haley?!)

That's it, now you've done it. Now he's crying. Are you all happy? No, it's really NOT funny.

See now you've really upset him. No, they aren't laughing AT you, David. Poor little guy!

Oh wait, what's this!??!?! They're all looking, no one's crying, and they all have a pleasant look (read: no constipation). It only took about 92 pictures, but by golly we got a decent one.

Phew, I'm exhausted now.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

life in the fast lane

Recently I started working pt from home. I get to "work" from my computer in my jammies if I want, and I get to call playing in photoshop, WORK! Add in that I have a great boss, and 2 pals that I work with and how much better can it get!?!

BTW, I work for THIS SITE

It is really fun, but I've had to reschedule just my way of life to fit it in. My time is more precious now that I have something else in the mix!

Soccer season started and Lexi is loving it. She is really good too. She scored her first goal at the first game!

Robby cannot wait for Kindergarten and football. He is so excited. He says he might want to try soccer next year.

Haley cannot wait for school either. She and I have quite a bit of one on one time when David and Lindsey nap each day and I've enjoyed it. She has grown up so fast. I'm sure it's true that it seems like each kid seems to grow up faster than the previous. My little girl is not a baby anymore. :( She loves to play with Lindsey and give her kisses. She is a really sensitive girlie.

David is 2 and as stereotypical as 2 can get! And he is 100% boy in the dirt. He usually always has a dirty face (although I don't know how as many times as I wash it). We've broached the subject of potty training once or twice, and so it goes. I really *hate* the potty training process. *grumble grumble grumble* :) He is talking SO much now and I love listening to him.

Lindsey is changing so much. She is a petite little girl. She can now roll both ways and has begun sleeping on her tummy, without my consent. :D We've introduced cereal and a couple of fruits, but so far she's not a big fan.

Spring break is next week and the kids are excited! Aunt Jenn and her kids are coming to visit, and then the end of the week, we'll be going to visit Rob's parents.

We've also begun a garden. Carrots, squash, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelons. Or at least we're going to try. We've had fun getting it ready tho. I can't wait for things to sprout. If we can ever get grass to grow in our back yard, I will party hard. :) Grass, that's all I ask for. I'm easy to please! LOL

So that's it from our little corner of the world. Life is busy, but good. And we are blessed beyond measure.