Friday, September 29, 2006

Glasses for Robby

When Robby had his 4 year well check at the ped., he didn't pass the little eye exam that they do, so the ped. suggested we take him to a real eye dr to be tested. Sometimes (like in Lexi's case when she failed it) it's just that they are little and don't concentrate well, etc. But much to our surprise, he did in fact need glasses. He doesn't have to wear them all the time, but for reading, watching tv and those kinds of activities.
The first day he had them, he wanted to wear them when it was time to get Lexi to show all his pals his new glasses. He was playing on the monkey bars and fell, scraping up his forehead. His glasses scraped his nose but thankfully weren't broken. (whew!)
So here's some pictures, banged up forhead and all, proudly sporting his new glasses. :)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Eeek....get a room already!

When I go to pick up Lexi from school, normally we walk, so there's a little waiting area where all the parents who walk pick up their kids. The teachers bring the kids to this spot once school is out.
There's this couple who have like a 7 or 8 year boy. Seriously tho, GAG me. The stand there and like cuddle and smooch all over each other while waiting for the kids to get out. I mean really, get a room. I swear, they're worse than newlyweds! Eeek. It's not like there's a little hidey spot where they can do it's right out in the open. :P

*and I know I know....some of you might be falling out of your chairs seeing TWO posts from me in ONE day....maybe this'll be a trend. LOL*

"I hope you have a child just like you...."

Hmmm I think everyone has heard that phrase....funny when it actually happens.
Alexis came home from school REALLY upset that she got a frowny face in her agenda for the day. Her teacher has a 5 point scoring system to rate each day--excellent, great, good, satisfactory, and ummm bad or something LOL. Alexis has had ALL excellent days and one great (for talking too much...eek another mother like daughter thing). Today's comments read that Alexis overall did have an excellent day, BUT she wrote on a desk in the media center. (she wrote her OWN NAME I might add) (MOM if you're reading this...I can already hear the laughter...) The teacher told the kids that if whoever did it fessed up, they would only have to move their name down one "degree". But when she was asked, she denied it (twice). Once the teacher pointed out that it was her handwriting, she admitted it and had to move her name down 3 spaces. :( She was SO upset. So where is the "child just like you" coming in?? When I was little (I don't remember how old..) I CARVED my name onto my mom's sewing desk. I couldn't help but giggle inside when I found out what Lexi did today.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My "imaginary" friends!

Well, ok they aren't really imaginary, but I only know them through the world wide web. I had the chance today to meet one of my good friends that I've known on the internet for 2+ years. I was nervous before hand...but it was SO fun, and she was as sweet as can be.

If you would have asked me a year ago to meet up with one of my "imaginary" friends, I would have probably talked my way out of it. I am normally really shy and uncertain in situations like these. But I've been slowly working on breaking out of my shell, so YAY ME! *patting myself on the back* It was definately worth it, and really is neat to meet someone that you've only seen in pictures. :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My sweet boy...

I cannot believe he is 4. Tonight as we sang happy birthday and opened presents I couldn't help but think about the day I had him. It seems like it was just yesterday but obviously it wasn't. I'm so grateful for the past four years I've had with him. He holds a special place in my heart (as do all my children).
We've made it through surgery at only 2 days old, to bumps and bruises, to a black eye from an empty swimming pool. A boy is definately different than a girl. I love it. He keeps me on my toes wondering what adventure is next. He has a smile that makes my heart melt. I'm am feeling very blessed and very grateful for my boy. It is a little bittersweet realizing just how quickly they grow up. We celebrate each milestone and yet miss the times when they were just babes in our arms.
I will post pictures hopefully tomorrow of superman in his new "get up". :D He makes a DARN CUTE Superman if I do say so myself...

Saturday, September 9, 2006

I can tell you how to get to Sesame Street.

We took the kids tonight to see Sesame Street Live in Atlanta. I was a little worried at first because my kids don't really watch Sesame Street. They just haven't gotten into it. But my worry was short lived because they loved it. So without further ado, here's some pictures (with some captions :D)

I think I was a tad worried that Lexi would be bored, but she danced right along with the best of them!

The kids LOVED the cotton candy and had to show off their blue tongues. :)

Robby made this face when cookie monster came out. He is a crack up.

Me and my Haley bug.

She was obsessed with sitting on the steps of the walkway. I guess they were just her size :D.

David and Daddy! awwwww

David loved all the bright colors and movement. He slept really good on the way home. :D

Friday, September 1, 2006

It's been awhile, I know...*blush*

I know it's been a while since I last blogged...things have just been hectic and life often gets in the way. :)

The kids have been battling a cold, which is never fun. I keep telling them to NOT share with their siblings, but alas, what's one sick kid when you could have four?? Haley and David have had it the worst, and both have been wheezy. Sooooo, on top of all the other fun, we've added breathing treatments into the mix. Calgon anyone??

Alexis is still loving Kindergarten. She's only had one mediocre day, and it was because she got a little too talkative with her classmates. Hmm like mother like daughter. I think almost all of my report cards from school always said something to the effect of being a bright student, but I talked too much. At least we know she comes by it honestly. She also celebrated her 5th birthday earlier this month. She is a PROUD 5 year old, let me tell you!

Robby cracks me up. Lately anytime we got ANYWHERE he strikes up a conversation with someone (ie a sales clerk or another parent). I think he started doing it because when we walk Lex to school, we pass by a bunch of parents walking home and we always say good morning. It can be quite commical tho when he runs down the whole list of his sisters, brother, mother and father and then ever so casually says "What's your name?" It was Mindy at the store the other day and not even missing a beat he chimed "Well hi, Mindy....I'm Robby." Such a funny kid. I hope he's always so outgoing. He is really looking forward to his upcoming birthday this month. Too bad he doesn't have the concept of 18 days (or whatever number we happen to be on) from today. He keeps asking if his birthday is tomorrow. Guess by the time his birthday gets here I'll be ready to say YES IT'S TOMORROW.

Haley is definately 2. She can be VERY sweet and loving when she wants to be, but when she's unhappy, WATCH OUT! Her current obsession is still babies, and insists on carrying as many babies as she can find. She gets quite distraught if she drops one or if I suggest she not carry so many. I think she's destined to have at least one set of multiples. I do love to see her little personality emerge. I think she definatley has a little soft spot for David. I love watching her play with him and be sweet to him. It gets me through the tantrums that she just loves to throw. She has absolutely NO interest in potty training, but is ALL about doing things herself (like getting dressed or undressed--even if it's the wrong way around).

Annd David is FULLY mobile now. It took him NO time whatsoever to learn crawling. He pulls up to stand next to everything and even does a slow cruise around the furniture. I keep telling him to slow down but he never listens! I think he's determined to follow in his siblings' footsteps and be an early walker. I gave him his first haircut a few weeks ago. His "donald" 'do in front was becoming a little much, and I kept getting the "aww how old is SHE" comments, so I bit the bullet and trimmed him. He looks like such a little man now. It does look better....but still....WAAAHHHH. He LOVES food and wants whatever anyone else is eating. At his last appt he weigned in at 19 lbs. I'm still working on getting him to say MAMAMMAMAMAMMAMA. He still thinks dadadaddadadadadadadada is more fun tho....lil stinker. :)

So there you have update of sorts. I do promise to try and be less of a slacker. :)