Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm a faithful lurker over at the Pioneer Woman's blog for some time and from learned about her cooking site. She has such fabulous picture accompanying each mouth watering recipe, making it a breeze for the cooking challenged such as me. :)
Today I decided to make this recipe.
While my crisp is still in the oven, I've already made the maple cream sauce so it can chill, and decided to try a small smackerel. OH MY GOSH is it sinfully good. I even took a taste into Rob to try who loved it too. I think I could eat the whole bowl of sauce LOL!
So already I'm giving it 2 huge thumbs up and that's based solely on the sauce. You must try it soon. That's an order.

Friday, July 27, 2007

tender headed

Haley has always been a super-ultra tender headed child. The moment the brush or comb touches her hair, the tears begin and they don't end until her hair is done. She begs me everyday to "do it softly," and even tho I try really hard....tangles are tangles.
Rob has always loved the girls' long hair and so I wanted to make sure it would be ok with him before just cutting her hair. Much to my surprise, he was ok with it! (of course he also said that it can grow back over the winter). So tonight I took the plunge. Her hair was really beautiful long, so I'm a little sad. But shorter hair DOES look really cute on her, maybe even making her look a little older...not so baby-ish. She is thrilled with it, and I hope it will make doing her hair MUCH easier and much less fuss. Here's the before and afters:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

double digits

Today marks 99 days until baby Lindsey is due. Double digits!!! wooooaaaahhhhhhhh.

It's exciting but still so surreal. Guess I really need to go shopping. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Instead of going to our local fireworks show (which was on the 3rd) we ended up just doing sparklers (called sprinkles by Robby) on our back deck. The kids loved them, and even David wanted to hold them (totally shocked me).