Sunday, April 18, 2010

Making life easier

Years ago, I heard someone say (or maybe it was something I read) that when it comes to keeping up with your house, if there's something that makes a job easier, tho it might cost a little extra, USE it (or do it, etc). I believe the example they gave was the bathtub and a using a product that will do the "scrubbing" work for you. I'm butchering the example, but hopefully you get the idea. Sometimes in order to take care of everything we do, we have to take shortcuts.

So that got me thinking. I wonder if all my fellow mom-friends have something that they do to make life just a little bit easier. My "guilty-pleasure" if you will, is paper plates. Yes, I admit it, we buy them regularly. It's built into my grocery budget.

Washing dishes isn't a big deal (ESPECIALLY with a dishwasher), but I will admit that being able to just throw away the plates after dinner, it just makes my life that much easier. So while I do hate how much waste it is, and sometimes feel disgusted by that thought, I enjoy using paper plates.

Don't worry, if you're ever over for dinner, I promise we'll dust off the dishes and use the real stuff for you. Maybe. ;0)