Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Birthdays!

May is a busy month! Not only is school coming to an end, which means all the end of year activities, but birthdays too!!

Haley turned six on May 18th!!

I can't believe she's six. Time has just flown by!! I love my bug-a-boo SO much. She is so sweet, and still loves to snuggle with her momma. ;0) Haley's pretty independent (I suppose that comes from being the middle child) but also loves being with everyone. She likes Barbies and dancing and her favorite color is purple. I just love that bug! (I refer to her as "Bug" quite often!)

This year, we had a small family celebration on her birthday. We were so happy that my Uncle Don and Aunt Nancy were able to come visit, and happened to be in town for her birthday as well!

Sticking with the same idea as her cake (and because we had so much fondant left over), I made cupcakes for her to take to class. Sadly this is the only picture I got of them. Think ahead next time, Erin!!

The that weekend, Haley had her first friend party. We did some painting and "creating" and even decorated cupcakes (to eat of course). She had so much fun!

Then on May 28th, Rob turned 35!! I LOVE teasing him that he's so old! HA! (I'm so much younger because I'm still in my twenties. :D) But I also tell him I keep him young. We celebrated as a family, and as always, the kids got in there to help lick off the candles!

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